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Hearing The World Around You 


Underworld is a mysterious first person exploration game where it seems you have become trapped inside an underground world with the only way out is searching your way through this unknown world. Good luck finding your way home.

Sound Design

I designed all of the sounds you hear in the game clip to bring this world to life. The challenge of this was a fun and great learning experience.  

Ryan Morgan - Full Sail University Student

Ambient World

Creating the sounds of the world. Sitting still in a cave observing the world around you what would you hear. Thats the question I strived to answer. Capturing the tones of different chambers from tight to open and alluring chrystals, and distant miscellaneous sounds.

Vocal Phrases

When it came to the vocal phrases I recorded them myself in what I felt the strange startling voice from the depth of a cave would sound like. Add a little processing and poof you have the voice of the cave.


When you look at the game in play you see fire torches, a portal, and a large chrystal as you walk through the cave. All of which need sound to bring them to life. The fire was the most creative of processes using everything from laminated folders to bags of chips to make fire.

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